The Food Key

If you have any allergies please speak to a member of our staff prior to ordering food.

gluten = Wheat Present G | milk = Dairy Present D | nuts = Nuts Present N | chilli = Medium Spice | chillichilli = Madras (Hot) | chillichillichilli = Very Hot | vegetarian curry = Vegetarian



Momo (choice of vegetable and chicken) glutenchilli

“most popular nepalese appetizer” g popular from nepal steamed dumplings with tomato chutney 

Samosa Chat vegetarian curryglutenmilknuts

Peas and potato samosa served with stewed chickpeas on top of homemade chutney

Onion Bhaji vegetarian curry

served with tamarind chutney

Kathmandu Tikka milknutschilli

Breast of chicken tikka marinated with spices, garlic, ginger, chilli, soft cheese and served with chef special chutney

Grilled King Prawns milkchilli

spicy marinated king prawns grilled with garlic and samphire butter

Tandoori Lamb Chops milk

marinated lamb chops cooked in tandoori oved served with chefs special fresh mints chutney

Lamb Seek Kebab “most popular” chilli

minced lamb seasoned with cracked roasted spices fresh herbs and cooked in tandoor 

Calamari 65 “most popular” glutenchilli

spicy marinated squid ring with mango and chilli sauce, yoghurt and cucumber quenelles 

Nigella Crispy Fish Pakora glutenchilli

fresh mushroom battered and sautéed with fresh garlic, ginger and spring onions

Kathmandu Style Grilled Salmon milkchilli

fresh salmon marinated with special nepalese spices

Mixed Grilled Starter milkchilli

lamb chop, chicken tikka, tandoori king prawn, seek kebab

Papadoms Basket gluten

served with house special pickle tray



Sea Bass milkchilli

Grilled sea bass on dill vegetables, lemon rice, coconut and ginger sauce

Kathmandu Platter glutenmilkchilli

(Seek Kebab, chicken tikka, onion rings, king prawns, fish pakora)

Murgh Shalimar chilli

Grilled chicken breast saag paneer, with tomato and yoghurt sauce

Tandoori Chicken milk

Chicken with various spices cooked in clay oven

Basil Salmon Tikka milk

Salmon cooked in grill and served with tamarind chutney

Aleppy Monkfish Curry chillichilli

Chunks of monk fish cooked with raw mango, coconut milk and ginger sauce

Rajasthani Lal Mas chillichillichilli

Marinated lamb shank cooked with Rajasthani secret spices

Old Delhi Chicken milknutschilli

Chicken tikka cooked with fresh tomato, almond and coconut powder



These dishes are cooked with Nepalese hot and flavoursome spices served with jeera rice. It had a Gurkhas’ favourite herbs and spices including fresh spring onion, ginger, garlic, green chilli with tough of Sichuan pepper; you will get the real taste of Kathmandu HOT!!!

Chicken nuts
Lamb nuts
King Prawn nuts



Chicken / Lamb Curry

Currychilli Madraschillichilli Vindaloochillichillichilli 

Chicken Tikka Masala milknuts

Chicken cooked in butter, ground almonds, fresh cream and Chef’s special masala sauce

Chicken / Lamb Korma milk

Cooked with coconut in very mild creamy sauce

Chicken / Lamb Bhuna

Cooked with Special Medium spicy sauce

Chicken / Lamb Sag

Medium spiced, cooking with spinach

Chicken / Lamb Rogan chilli

A recipe from North India, medium spiced, cooked with tomatoes and various herbs

Chicken / Lamb Dhansak chillichilli

Medium Hot! – Sweet and sour cooked with lentils

Chicken / Lamb Jalfrazi chillichillichilli

Chicken cooked with peppers, onions, green chillies and special herbs

Butter Chicken (Mild) milknutschilli

Famous creamy mild Indian dishes touch with ghee!!


VEGETABLE MAIN vegetarian curry

Paneer Makhani vegetarian currychilli

Homemade Cottage cheese cooked with special masala sauce

Bombay Aloo vegetarian currychilli

Spicy Potato

Bhindi Masala vegetarian currychilli

Pan Fried fresh cooked with special masala sauce

Saag vegetarian currychilli

Saag aloo (spinach & potatoes) or Saag paneer (spinach & cottage cheese)

Dhingri Mutter vegetarian currychilli

Fresh button mushrooms with green peas

Tarka Daal vegetarian currychilli

Lentils cooked with mild spices touch with garlic

Raita vegetarian currymilk

Yoghurt with cucumber and spice



Prawn Curry

Currychilli Madraschillichilli  Vindaloochillichillichilli

Malabar Prawn

King Prawns cooked with Malabar spices and coconut milk

Kathmandu King Prawn Masala milknutschilli

Tandoori King Prawn cooked in butter, ground almonds, fresh cream and special masala sauce



All biryani cooked with saffron flavoured basmatic rice and served with special mutter paneer

Chicken Tikka Biryani milknutschillichilli
Lamb Biryani milknutschilli
King Prawn Biryani milknutschilli
Vegetarian Biryani vegetarian currychilli
Chef’s Special Biryani milknutschillichilli

Grilled chicken, lamb, king prawns, prawn and mushrooms cooked with cashew nuts and coriander



Some of our dishes may contain nuts, if you have an allergy ask one of our staff about the ingredients in our dishes

Plain Rice

Boiled basmati rice

Pilau Rice

Saffron flavoured basmati rice

Lemon Rice

South Indian lemon flavoured mixed with curry leaved and mustard seed

Jeera Rice
Keema Rice



Some of our dishes may contain nuts, if you have an allergy ask one of our staff about the ingredients in our dishes

Plain Naan glutenmilk
Keema Naan glutenmilkchilli

Bread stuffed with spicy mincemeat

Peshwari Naan glutenmilknuts

Bread stuffed with nuts and seeds

Garlic Naan glutenmilk
Cheese Naan glutenmilk
Paratha gluten

Buttered and layered whole wheat bread

Tandoori Roti gluten

Popular Indian bread made from whole wheat flour




Rice & Dates Pudding milk nuts

Rice cooked with milk and dates 

Carrot Halwa milk nuts

Minced carrots with milk, sugar, nuts and raisins

Gulab Jamun gluten milk

Reduced milk dumplings soaked in saffron flavoured sugar syrup